Donate - Jen Duff for Mesa

Donate - Jen Duff 4 Mesa City Council Campaign

The Committee to elect Jen Duff 4 Mesa can’t thank you enough for your generosity. Your contribution will go toward funding our effort to connect with voters and have a conversation about Mesa's future. 

If you prefer to mail a check, please send to: 

Jen Duff 4 Mesa
PO Box 1484
Mesa, AZ 85211

Who's donating

Jordan Rose
Ruth Lim
Lori Osiecki
Michael Klein
Carmen Guerrero
Sue Lunt
Greg Marek
Pam Grissom
Dennis Kavanaugh
Martha McCoy
John McDonald
Susan Carland
Breanna Jeter
Duane Tendick
Gladys Contreras
Sue Lunt
Olga Strickland
Simon Key
Nanna Guthrie
Elizabeth Thelen
Athena Salman
Alycia de Mesa
Victor Linoff
Laura Metcalfe
Jane Jadlot
Pamela Slim
Karyn Lathan
Eric Hultquist
Nycole Leyba
Mary Nelles