Issues - Jen Duff for Mesa

Issues - Jen Duff For Mesa

FROM MESA, FOR MESA: Dating back to WWII, Jen’s family roots show a lineage of service with the RAF (Royal Air Force) stationed at Falcon Field.  Jen humbly wishes to continue in the tradition of service, while honoring Mesa's history and values..

PUBLIC SAFETY: Jen will work to increase Police and Fire services to ensure our safety, security and welfare.

EDUCATION: Only 36% of Mesa’s children have basic skills to enter school, compared to 48% nationally.  Only 49% of our high school graduates go on to higher education or tech schools.  Jen highly values educational opportunities for our children thereby empowering the informed citizens who will better our city.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Jen believes city economic development should provide a return on our investment.  Jen’s 28 years as an entrepreneur provides her with time-tested skills to analyze ventures and attract opportunities.

RESPONSIBLE CITY BUDGET: Jen will work to increase efficiency and stop auto-pilot spending policies.  It is essential that the city budget be smart, strategic and transparent. We need to see both the price and value of our future.

STRONG NEIGHBORHOODS: Safe, clean, revitalized neighborhoods for all families, professionals, and retirees.  Jen will work to connect neighborhoods to city policy by insisting on authentic participation and public engagement.  The voice and values of our residents serve as our strength.

ARTS: The arts are a powerful element of our downtown Mesa transformation.  Jen is inspired by organizations, programs, and projects that provide economic vitality, cultural enrichment, and fosters creative thinkers. Mesa is poised for a prosperous and vibrant  21st century.

HOMELESSNESS: Jen is committed to resolving the problems of homelessness by connecting them to government and private sector services.  The value of our community should not be diminished by overlooking our vulnerable populations.

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