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Issues and Vision

The issues Mesa faces now and the decisions we make to solve them will chart the course of our City for decades to come. My priorities come from many years of work in Mesa, my experiences as a small business owner, and all of the time I have spent out in the community.

Investing in our Public Safety personnel and Infrastructure

Mesa has excellent Police and Fire & Medical departments.  I’ll continue to safeguard our security and welfare by supporting these essential jobs and work with them to seek innovative solutions to better serve our community.

Implementing the City of Mesa Climate Action Plan

The future of our City rests on the strategic decisions we make right now. With the news recently breaking that our region is in the midst of its worst drought in 1,200 years, the time for action to build a smart and climate efficient city that we can pass to the next generation is now. This means acting decisively to be as water-efficient as possible, rapidly expanding Mesa’s tree canopy, improving our city lightning's energy efficiency, and transitioning as many of our vehicles as possible to hybrids or electric. And in Mesa, we’ll implement all of these changes and prove that sustainability means more jobs and more business growth.

These are just a few of the options outlined in our Climate Action plan and I look forward to working with you and my colleagues on Council to make these a reality.

Water Sustainability – We need to work on conservation, efficiency and infrastructure to maximize water treatment for reuse.  Additionally, we need to marry economic development decisions with the realities of our water supply to sustain our quality of life in the desert.

Downtown's Arts & Innovation District

Mesa is growing and while this is exciting, it’s important that our growth is strategic, intentional and equitable. That’s why my mission is to complete projects like our “Arts & Innovation District” which will create an eco-system for the opportunity, entrepreneurship, community spaces and housing choices that allow for an excellent quality of life for everyone.

Our downtown urban core is an ideal place for creative minds to collaborate and grow, turning ideas into new jobs.  We are building opportunities with ASU and Benedictine University, The Studios collaboration space, Mesa Small Business Assistance Center, co-working and entrepreneurial incubator spaces and an exciting restaurant incubator space on Main St. The Broadway Road Corridor is on its way to becoming a hub for employment with a workforce development center opening this fall, providing opportunities for all residents to rise with the success. 

I’m proud to help build this eco-system to drive a creative economy for Mesa’s future and economic sustainability. 

Expanding our  “Off the Streets” Homeless Program and Building Regional Partnerships for Mesa 

Getting people off our streets and into services is one of my top priorities. But Mesa cannot go it alone, nor should Mesa residents be asked to write the check for their care.  As Vice Chair of the Maricopa Human Services and Community Initiatives Committee, I am pushing hard to ensure that all of our neighboring and regional cities do their fair share to help alleviate homelessness.

Creating Housing Options to Fit all Residents’ Needs

As Mesa's economy grows, we need housing choices for all incomes and lifestyles.  This can mean easing the process for owner occupied property owners to add a secondary unit (mother-in-law suite), incentivizing infill development, fast track affordable building permits, etc.  Whatever your stage of life, you should not have to leave the community you call home to meet your housing needs.